How long does it take to setup a new program before I can start ordering cards?

Depending on your specific requirements, a new program can be setup in a few days to a few weeks. Once a program is setup, cards may be ordered as needed.


Can my company’s logo be produced in full color on these cards for maximum effect?

Yes, cards can be produced with your logo in full color.


Can recipient names be embossed on the cards?

Yes, cards can be produced with your employees’ names or other recipients’ names embossed on the front of each card.


How much do cards cost?

Program costs are correlated to your specific program requirements; however, at a high level these cards cost significantly less than similar cards offered by retailers and financial institutions – even those that do not offer the ability to customize a card design.


Will cards be shipped to me or to individual recipients?

Cards may either be shipped to a single location or they may be shipped to individual recipients, depending on your requirements.


Where are these cards accepted as payment?

These cards are accepted by millions of merchants across the United States – more than any other card type.


Do you provide customer service for cardholders that may have questions about using their cards?

All cards are packaged individually with terms and conditions plus FAQs to answer any questions recipients may have. In addition, cardholders may access customer support online or via a toll-free number supported in English and Spanish at no charge.


How do I contact Prepaid Incentives for more information about specific programs that are offered?

Please contact us by completing and submitting the contact form on the getting started page.

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